By: Brenda Mikhail

The New Evangelization. It is a renewed personal experience of Jesus Christ to personally Discover or Rediscover Christ and live our daily lives as Christ would by demonstrating love, compassion and understanding in all our relationships, big and small.

After we discover Christ in our lives we must then Share the Good News of Jesus-we can start this sharing process with our own Our Lady of Lourdes (OLL) Community.

In the words of Pope Francis, ”we should share our faith journey or personal story of faith with much JOY and only then others will follow.” When we speak from the heart others will listen.

Pope Benedict XVI tells us that “ Faith is above all a personal, intimate encounter with Jesus, and to experience his closeness, his friendship, his love; only in this way does one learn to know him ever more, and to love and follow him ever more. May this happen to each one of us. ”

As part of OLL Parish Formation and Worship Development Team ( The New Evangelization Core Team), we would like to create a climate or environment that promotes discovering and sharing our stories of the Good News of Christ in the daily lives of ALL who belong to our OLL family, our Ministries and our community at large.

We are here to assist you with your Faith Journey and we look forward to working with you and for you.

Stay Tuned-More to follow Brenda Mikhail- Member New Evangelization Team