Finance Council

The role of the Finance Council is to advise the pastor in managing parish finances and operations, in areas such as accounting, budgeting, investing, capital improvements, insurance, legal and regulatory compliance, and financial reporting. The Finance Council is accountable to the pastor, who has ultimate responsibility for all decisions.

The Our Lady of Lourdes Finance Council currently has 11 members; Frank Marsala-Council Chair, Maria Calleja, Paul Cygal, Candy Piscitelli, Kathleen Meyer, Bernie Buenaflor, Tim Moscicki, Ian Tennant, Dona Perez, Helen Lund & Mike Noyes. All members are parishioners with experience in finance and management, including specialization in accounting, law & business management. The members are appointed by the pastor, serve for staggered three-year terms, and can be reappointed.  The council meets on third Monday of each month.

One of the most important functions of the Finance Council is ensuring that accounting controls are in place and followed, such as segregation of duties, and these are periodically evaluated by self-audits. From time to time, the Council may engage independent auditors to review parish and/or school internal controls.

Every Catholic parish has a Finance Council. In fact, a Finance Council is the only parish organization mandated by Canon Law. In addition, Canon Law requires that Finance Council members do not have access to records about contributions of individual parishioners or other confidential information, and all matters discussed at meetings are held in confidence.

If you have questions about Our Lady of Lourdes’ finances or the work of the Finance Council, please contact Frank Marsala, (818)445-4248

Formation & Worship

The Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Community of Tujunga-Sunland, in this age of the New Evangelization, is now in the direction of establishing Team Ministry as a way of life and ministry and of being and becoming Church. Leading the way is The New Evangelization Core Team known as The Parish Formation and Worship Development Commission(PFWDC). This Commission is guided by a Charter Document that defines its mission, goals, operating guidelines as well as their collective, paired, individual and team meeting roles.The OLL Parish Formation and Worship Development Commission has the mission to form OLL parish into a strong, stable and effective center of new evangelization. But what is new evangelization? Evangelization is not new. In several passages in scripture from the Old Testament to the New Testament, we read about sharing the good news of salvation, evangelizing the poor, proclaiming the good news of the Risen Lord. Pope Paul VI in his apostolic letter Evangelii Nuntiandi confirms that the task of evangelizing all people is the essential mission of the Church. St. Pope John Paul II coined the term New Evangelization in 1979 while visiting Poland. What’s new is the new ardor, the new expressions, the new methods. Pope Francis in his apostolic letter “The Joy of the Gospel” lays out a definitive style of evangelization which he asks us to adopt in every activity that we undertake.

The OLL PFWDC, as the Evangelization Core Team of the parish, seeks to serve and inspire the Parish community to live their faith and celebrate God’s love through full, active and conscious participation in the sacraments, thereby reflecting God’s love in our love for one another. Just as our Parish Administrator, Fr. Rolly Astudillo, shepherds the team, and we, in turn, shall shepherd the various ministries and communities at OLL in the realization of evangelization in our lives, i.e., sharing the good news with our life and keeping our focus on Jesus Christ.  We look forward to move all our activities and ministries to help bring each one to an encounter with Jesus.


Nelle Osburn – Team Leader
Andrea Mata
Brenda Mikhail
Jackie Tanker
Jim Lank
Mar Enriquez
Lupita Cueva